Resort Municipality of Whistler

Community Monitoring Dashboard

The Community Monitoring Dashboard showcases an array of indicators that are used to, inform decision-making, track progress and ensure accountability. 


The dashboard is a collection of core indicators that help support data driven decision making within the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW) and to ensure progress towards our goals. Key sources of information used to compile the monitoring and reporting results include data from Tourism Whistler, Statistics Canada, Whistler Community Life Surveys, local utility providers, and internal data compiled through RMOW operational protocols.

The RMOW’s Official Community Plan (OCP) is our guiding document and establishes policies that guide decisions on community planning and land use management for the RMOW over the next five to 10 years and beyond. The OCP vision pillars are an integral part of this and have been held at the core of the Community Monitoring Dashboard.


Our Official Community Plan includes a high level Community Vision statement and more detailed vision characteristics that define what must exist in Whistler for us to be successful and sustainable in the long-term. Whistler’s vision statement is as follows:

Whistler: A place where our community thrives, nature is protected and guests are inspired

  • Our resort community thrives on mountain culture and the nature that surrounds us.
  • We protect the land – the forests, the lakes and the rivers, and all that they sustain.
  • We enjoy a high quality of life in balance with our prosperous tourism economy.
  • We seek opportunities for innovation and renewal.
  • We recognize the value of our history and the foundations of our resort community.
  • We honour those who came before us and respect those who will come after us.
  • We move forward with the Lil’wat Nation and Squamish Nation and reconcile with the past.
  • We value our relationships and work together as partners and community members.

The above statements are integrated into all RMOW initiatives and are grouped into the following four Community Vision pillars:


In addition to the Community Monitoring tracking, the RMOW also tracks its progress toward goals and objectives outlined in the Corporate Plan which is distilled in the Corporate Indicators area. The Corporate Plan is updated annually in June and provides strategic direction to the organization through goals, strategies and actions, as well as performance and progress measurement that are found in this dashboard.

Whistler’s Facts and Figures dashboards will provide an overview of Whistler’s population and development trends, demographic, socio-economic, as well as household characteristics.