Average Length of Stay

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Tourism Based Economy

Whistler’s 2019 average visitor length of stay saw a its second year of declines, returning to levels last seen in 2015.

Why we monitor this

Average length of stay (ALS) is an important economic indicator. Additional hours spent in the resort lead to greater contribution per visitor to the local economy. It can also act as an indication that visitors are enjoying their experiences in Whistler. In general, overnight visitors to the resort tend to indulge in more experiences than day visitors and have less travel impact on the highway per day spent in the community.

What this measures

Average Length of Stay (ALS) reports the average number of nights that visitors expect to stay in Whistler. The results are weighted to reflect the different types of visitors to the resort community, including total number of day trips, second home owners, friends, family and paid accommodation visitors. The results are measured by summer and winter, where winter results are referred to by the year the winter began (i.e. Winter 2004/2005 is reported as 2004).

Occupancy Rate

Room Nights: Total


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