Satisfaction with how visitors respect Mountain Culture

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Sense of Place

Permanent residents are significantly less likely to find visitors appreciate and respect Whistler’s mountain culture (39%) compared to second homeowners (56%). While permanent residents’ opinions remained relatively consistent compared to 2021, second homeowners saw an 8 percentage point drop in those that felt strongly that visitors respected Whistler’s mountain culture.

Why we monitor this

Whistler’s vision statement states that our genuine mountain culture pervades the community and is celebrated. By ensuring that residents and visitors respect our natural areas and enjoy them in a sustainable way is paramount to the success and sustainability of Whistler as a balanced resort town.

What this measures

Community Satisfaction with how visitors respect Mountain Culture as collected within the annual Community Life Survey.

Culture: event participation (visitors)

Culture: Satisfaction with offerings

Village Atmosphere (Resident)

Village Atmosphere (Visitor)

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