Registered Vehicles

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The total number of vehicles registered in Whistler in 2021 saw a dramatic decline compared to recent years, falling to 5228 non electric vehicles.  As Whistler seeks to reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles, this decline moves us in the right direction.

Why we monitor this

Residents require transportation to, from, around and within Whistler. While convenient, passenger vehicles tend to be the most resource intensive and costly mode of transportation, especially older and larger models. Options such as walking, biking or busing are less resource intensive alternatives.

What this measures

Number of non-commercial vehicles registered with insurance in Whistler, and peel out electric vehicle versus other. Personal cars and trucks in British Columbia are required to carry insurance when in use. This indicator reports on the number of non-commercial vehicles registered with insurance in Whistler.

Commuting Mode

Energy Use (Community)

GHG Emissions

Local transit (satisfaction)

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