Availability of Long Term Rentals

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Whistler’s 2021 average weekly availability of long term rentals saw a significant to 2020, but this was a result of the opening up of availability due to temporary residents leaving Whistler as a result of the pandemic. 2021 remained above the 5 year average, but is expected to fall as residents return to Whistler.

Why we monitor this

The availability of affordable housing helps attract and retain a strong, vibrant community and local workforce for Whistler businesses. Monitoring long term rentals provides a better understanding of Whistler’s vacant housing supply and availability to community members.

What this measures

The number of long term rental units listed in local papers/online each week (minus any duplicates) is counted and divided to provide the annual average number of units available for rent each week.

Employee housing wait time

Housing: Affordability

Housing: Employee restricted (ratio)

Housing: Employee restricted (total)

Housing Livability


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