Visitor satisfaction with Village atmosphere

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Sense of Place

In summer 2018, 97% of visitors were satisfied with the atmosphere and ambiance of the Village and and equal proportion of 17/18 winter visitors felt the same way. These results remain high and stable with previous years.

Why we monitor this

Community character & mountain culture is reflected in municipal services. We strive for vibrant community spaces are full of energy and frequent celebration, while not interfering with natural places of solitude and rejuvenation. By monitoring visitor satisfaction with the ambiance of Whistler Village, we can ensure that these visions are being met and we are providing an authentic experience for our visitors.

What this measures

Visitor satisfaction with the atmosphere and ambiance of Whistler Village is captured by Tourism Whistler surveys. Whistler’s built environment helps to create opportunities for a vibrant atmosphere, supported by other attributes such as people, programming and activities.

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