Sense of Belonging

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Sense of Place

Reported results for 2021 demonstrate a high sense of belonging to Whistler, amongst permanent residents at 90%, thought there is a noticeable disconnect felt by second homeowners with only 59% satisfied. Permanent residents’ satisfaction levels still surpassed benchmarked communities’ results (+7pts).

Why we monitor this

‘Sense of belonging’ contributes to the development of a community’s social fabric. Social fabric depicts the strength of the relationships among people living within the same community. Often these relationships help individuals and groups in a community to organize for work, play and community development.

What this measures

This indicator measures Whistler community members’ self-reported sense of belonging to the community of Whistler and is collected in the RMOW’s annual Community Life Survey

Culture: Satisfaction with offerings

Mountain Culture (visitor respect)

Parks: Satisfaction with access

Recreation Opportunities

Village Atmosphere (Resident)

Local transit (satisfaction)

Health Care: Satisfaction

Healthcare Availability

Learning Opportunities (Satisfaction)

Satisfaction Living in Whistler

Career Opportunities

Visitor Satisfaction

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