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In 2021, 50% of permanent residents traveled to work by preferred modes of mobility. Results dropped by a significant amount from 2017 for both winter and summer trips, however have remained relatively consistent over the past 4 years.  Not surprisingly, summer results (59%) score more favorably than winter results (41%) and seasonal residents are traditionally keen commuters with 86% using preferred modes in 2016.

Why we monitor this

Commuting to work constitutes a large proportion of transportation trips made by Whistler residents. Transportation in single occupancy vehicles (SOV) is more resource intensive and polluting on a per person basis than other modes and commonly coincides with peak traffic volumes on Highway 99. Alternate transportation modes such as carpooling, transit, biking or walking can conveniently replace SOV transportation, especially for those regular trips.

What this measures

This indicator reveals the proportion of residents who reported commuting to work via preferred transportation alternatives, specifically mass transit, carpool or cycling.

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