Employee housing wait time

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Wait time for employee housing has been steadily increasing since 2018, reaching an all time high in 2021 of 5.6 years. It is worth noting that the wait time is for all people on the waitlist, which includes those that are in WHA properties already, so the 5.6 years may be higher than actual wait time for first time buyers.

Why we monitor this

Whistler has identified the supply of resident restricted affordable housing as an important strategy to attract and maintain a locally living workforce and to remain a vibrant resort community. Ensuring that there is enough supply to provide housing top those in need is part of this priority.

What this measures

The average length of time first time buyers on the Whistler Housing Authority waitlist are waiting before their first purchase.

Availability of Long Term Rentals

Housing: Affordability

Housing: Employee restricted (ratio)

Housing: Employee restricted (total)

Housing Livability


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