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Tourism Based Economy

With 2018/19 as the most recently available full-year data, visitation levels demonstrate a statistical decrease over 2017/18.  The performance represents the fourth highest result in Whistler.  Winter experienced an increase in visitation numbers leading to the second highest winter visitation level on record, whereas summer experienced a decrease in visitation compared to the previous year.

Why we monitor this

Whistler’s tourism economy depends on resort visits, which in turn help to sustain and enrich community life. Calculating the total visits to Whistler provides an understanding of Whistler’s economy, the resort’s popularity as a tourism destination, the quality of service levels provided and the perceived value of tourism offerings.

What this measures

This indicator measures estimated total visitor counts in Whistler, estimating the number of unique day visits, second home owner visits, and overnight visitors in both winter and summer. Data is collected annually by Tourism Whistler. Results include one full year of visitation starting in winter (November) for year one and finishing in summer (October end) for year two. For example 2017 represents winter 2017/2018 and summer 2018.

Length of Stay

Occupancy Rate

Regional visitation

Resort Spending

Return Visits

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Visitor Satisfaction


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