Water Use

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Whistler’s total water consumption in 2021 was 5.02 billion litres or 462 litres/person/day. The total usage saw a marginal increase over 2020, however, per capita usage continued to climb above Whistler’s performance target of 425 litres/per person/day due to a slight increase in total usage combined with an increase in average daily population.

Why we monitor this

Water is one of Whistler’s most important assets, supporting natural areas, wildlife, residents and visitors. Using water resources wisely is fundamental to an environmentally-responsible approach to living.  This issue relates not only to the availability of the resource; it is also a municipal infrastructure priority that can translate into millions of dollars spent or saved.

What this measures

Water use measures the total of water extracted and delivered from RMOW water plants and non-potable systems to end users. Water uses that are not captured within this measure include private purpose uses such as for Whistler’s golf courses and Whistler Blackcomb’s mountain operations. To account for the large influx of visitors to the community, the per capita measure uses Whistler’s population equivalent to the total community population.

Water use

Wastewater compliance rate

Drinking Water Operating Costs

Drinking water quality

Wastewater Operating Costs


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