Developed Bed Units

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Tourism Based Economy

Why we monitor this

Helps monitor and ensure sufficient capacity.

What this measures

Measures number of bed units – developed only.

A bed unit is a measure of development intended to reflect servicing and facility requirements for one person. The bed unit measurement was introduced in Whistler’s first OCP adopted in 1976 as a means to manage the future growth of Whistler to be consistent with infrastructure capacity, highway capacity and ski lift capacity. Bed units have become a key reference point for the resort community’s understanding of and expectations for Whistler’s ultimate size and capacity.

The distinction between developed and undeveloped is based on occupancy as of year-end (December 31). Determination of ‘Developed’ is made by the issuance of a ‘Completed’ building permit, which indicates occupancy. Undeveloped units are those that have been committed to by Council (either through rezoning or subdivision applications) but have yet to be constructed or completed.

Dwelling Density

Availability of Long Term Rentals

Employee housing wait time

Housing: Affordability

Housing: Employee restricted (ratio)

Housing: Employee restricted (total)

Housing Livability

Local Home Ownership


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