Satisfaction with Access to Learning Opportunities

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Community Life Survey results in 2022 indicated that only 28% of permanent residents were satisfied with current access to ‘learning opportunities’ within Whistler and the Sea to Sky. This level of satisfaction a statistical decrease from 2021 and does not yet meet the community performance aspirations.

Why we monitor this

Lifelong learning is identified as an important aspect of community life in Whistler. Learning is valued by the community for a variety of reasons, including personal growth and skill enhancement for employment.

What this measures

This indicator seeks to understand how satisfied residents, 18 years and older, are with their personal opportunities for formal and informal learning. Formal learning includes post-secondary schools, colleges, and other organizations offering accredited courses in Whistler and in the Sea to Sky corridor. Informal learning opportunities include speakers, luncheons and dialogue events. This data is determined through the annual Community Life Survey.

Sense of Belonging


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