Developed Footprint

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The amount of land either developed or zoned for development increased in 2018 by 5ha. The increase is primarily due to a change in land-use on the Prism Lands near Alta Lake Road and to a lesser extent the Nester’s Waste and Recycling Facility. The Prism land-use change also transferred approximately 40ha of limited development private land to public park land. This particular indicator does not have a clear identified performance target to gauge progress hence the yellow performance icon outer ring.

Why we monitor this

Green space and access to natural areas are one of Whistler’s most valued qualities. Provides ability to track urban growth with a goal to limit encroachment on natural areas.

What this measures

The physical footprint of Whistler’s developed area is calculated for this indicator. Developed areas include the land area within the boundaries of all zoned land except for those areas zoned as parks, protected areas, or extremely low density parcels of land.

Please Note: Many roads (including Highway 99) are not included in the calculation and that data was not collected in 2004.

GHG Emissions


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