Total Employed Workforce

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Tourism Based Economy

Whistler’s estimated total workforce in 2018 was 16,300.  Results displayed a statistical increase of 4% compared to 2017 and the highest number of employees recorded. Even still, businesses reported being short by 900 positions. Whistler does not currently have a defined performance target for the size of the workforce .

Why we monitor this

The number of full-time employee positions, along with other economic indicators such as total taxfiler income, provides an approximate indication of Whistler’s economic health.

What this measures

This indicator provides an estimate of the number of full time equivalent employees (FTE) in Whistler during the winter season. The winter season is currently the season with the greatest number of employees. Data is collected annually by the Whistler Housing Authority.

Availability of Long Term Rentals

Employee housing wait time

Workforce Living Locally

Workforce: Locally employed

Career Opportunities

Unemployment Rate


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