Lakefront Park Access

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Sense of Place

Whistler’s population equivalent has been steadily increasing, up to it’s peak in 2019 which explains the slow decrease in the available lakefront park space per person. With the impact of the pandemic on Whistler’s resident and visitor numbers, the available park space jumped to a record high of 0.3 hectares per 1,000 population. This will be monitored as tourism returns to Whistler through the pandemic recovery.

Why we monitor this

Whistler’s OCP identifies a vision where natural areas are never far from sight and reach; they are the predominant component of our mountain landscape, core to our mountain culture and the basis of our outstanding recreation offerings. By monitoring hectares of public park space per 1,000 population, we are able to ensure that residents and visitors  have sufficient access to whistler’s key lakes, core assets and nature without overcrowding.

What this measures

Measures hectares of available public lakefront space per 1000 people.

Parks: Satisfaction with access

Maintenance of Parks and Trails

Parking Utilization

Useful Links

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