Wastewater Compliance Rate

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The waste water treatment plant compliance score in 2021 is 100% and is statistically unchanged from 2020.

Why we monitor this

The waste water flowing into Whistler’s Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) is a potential pressure on local and regional water bodies. This plant, one of the best in Canada, cleans waste water by extracting excess nutrients and solid materials, and treats the water prior to releasing the effluent into the Cheakamus River. Monitoring this indicator helps us understand and address permit exceedances to maximize the quality of water and the receiving environment.

What this measures

This indicator tracks the number of days where effluent (water leaving the waste water plant) test results are out of compliance with the permit standards. Effluent water is tested periodically to find out whether permit requirements are being met. The permit is negotiated based on numerous factors, including cost, technology and the health of the Cheakamus River.

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Wastewater compliance rate

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