Workforce Living Locally

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An estimated 77% of the Whistler workforce reported living within Whistler in 2018. This value is a slight decrease from the 2017 results, but remains above the defined performance target of housing a minimum of 75% of the Whistler workforce locally. Despite this positive result, housing challenges still include the affordability and the adequacy of housing.

Why we monitor this

Whistler has a target of having 75% of its labour force living in Whistler by 2020. A local workforce enriches community life through increased potential for shared interactions, strengthened social capital, a more vibrant local community character and a more authentic visitor experience. Living and working in the same community can have a positive impact on local air quality by reducing commute lengths and limiting green house gas emissions.

What this measures

This indicator measures the percentage of Whistler employees living within Whistler during the winter season. The Whistler Housing Authority conducts an annual Whistler employer survey to determine the number of employees live in Whistler during the winter season. This data is divided by the total number of employees in Whistler.

Availability of Long Term Rentals

Employee housing wait time

Housing: Affordability

Housing: Employee restricted (ratio)

Housing: Employee restricted (total)

Housing Livability

Income: Low income measure

Local Home Ownership


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