Housing Affordability

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Over 40% of respondents have reported that they have been spending over 30% of gross income on housing since 2015, with the number rising to 43% in 2021. Those spending more than 40% held consistent at 25%, revealing that 1 in four of those surveyed in the annual Community Life Survey were in extreme core housing need.

Why we monitor this

Whistler has prioritized resident housing as an important strategy to remain a vibrant resort community and to maintain a strong local workforce. Housing costs are a significant factor in determining whether local employees choose to live in the community. The proportion of gross income spent on housing is a standard measure of housing affordability.

What this measures

This indicator measures the proportion of residents spending more than 30% of their gross annual income on housing as found in the Community Life Survey. Housing costs include rent or mortgage payments, water, energy and taxes minus any rental income per year.

Availability of Long Term Rentals

Employee housing wait time

Housing: Employee restricted (ratio)

Housing: Employee restricted (total)

Housing Livability


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