Median Employment Income

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Whistler’s 2016 median taxfiler employment income revealed a statistical increase of 2% from 2015, even with this increase the 2016 result continues to represent a slightly lower purchasing power than the performance benchmarked case from 2000.

Why we monitor this

Median individual employment income reflects a community’s overall economic wellbeing. It is also one measure contributing to individual quality of life. Median employment income is a commonly measured indicator and is readily comparable across communities.

What this measures

This indicator tracks the median individual employment income of people who place a Whistler address on their annual tax return. The Median employment income is compared against the benchmark required to maintain the purchasing power that taxfilers had in 2000. Data is collected annually by the Federal Government but is only made available two years after the close of the specific tax reporting cycle.

Note that this indicator is similar to, but distinct from, the median income indicator in that this indicator only reports the direct employment income (and does not include income from other sources – e.g. employment insurance, other social service benefits etc…)

Economic dependancy ratio

Housing: Affordability

Income: Low income measure

Income: Median

Living Wage – Family

Living Wage – Single


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