Satisfaction with Recreation Opportunities

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Sense of Place

Satisfaction with recreation opportunities remained consistently high with 97% of permanent residents and 93% of second homeowners somewhat satisfied or very satisfied. This is a testament to Whistler’s access to natural areas and mountain culture, that enables Whistler’s residents to get outside and enjoy the natural landscape.

Why we monitor this

Recreation and leisure are critical aspects of community life in Whistler, contributing to Whistler’s culture, economy and the visitor experience. We strive towards having natural areas that are never far from sight and reach; they are the predominant component of our mountain landscape, core to our mountain culture and the basis of our outstanding recreation offerings.

What this measures

This indicator provides insight into residents’ perceived satisfaction with opportunities for physical recreation in Whistler. The data is collected annually through the Community Life Survey.

Parks: Lakefront Availability

Parks: Satisfaction with access

Maintenance of Parks and Trails

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