Rate of Health Care Use

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The average number of times medical services were used per MSP card holder in 2018 was 11.5. This result represents a statistical increase from 2017. A decline in the number of services used coupled with a decline in health status may reflect reduced satisfaction with health care services as opposed to improved health.

Why we monitor this

Monitoring the per capita number of times that Whistler Medical Service Plan (MSP) holders use services provides some insight into the health of Whistler’s permanent population. As actual health statistics are difficult to access and track at the local level, this indicator was selected as a proxy measure.

What this measures

This indicator reports on the number of times services were used per Medical Service Plan (MSP) card holder with a mailing address in Whistler. The MSP department uses April to March as the calendar year, with the year on the chart representing March.

Health Care: Satisfaction

Healthcare Availability

Healthcare: Total Use

Personal health status

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