Resident satisfaction with the atmosphere of Whistler Village

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Sense of Place

Resident satisfaction has remained relatively stable since 2017, however, permanent resident satisfaction fell to a level not seen since 2010 but remains a very strong performance at 83% satisfaction. 2021 and 2022 village programming was impacted by the pandemic, which may have been the cause of the decline in permanent resident satisfaction, so will be important to monitor how Whistler’s pandemic recovery influences this indicator.

Why we monitor this

Whistler’s atmosphere and ambiance influence residents overall satisfaction with life in the community. Understanding resident perception of Whistler’s atmosphere and ambiance, partially created through our built environment, helps us to understand and improve Whistler’s success in this area.

What this measures

Community member satisfaction with the atmosphere and ambiance of Whistler Village is captured by the Community Life Survey. Whistler’s built environment helps to create opportunities for a vibrant atmosphere, supported by other attributes such as people, programming and activities.

Mountain Culture (visitor respect)

Village Atmosphere (Visitor)

Satisfaction Living in Whistler

Tourist Interactions

Maintenance of Village Services

Visitor Satisfaction

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