Satisfaction with Access to Parks

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Sense of Place

Historically, resident satisfaction with access to parks has been exceptionally strong in both permanent resident and second homeowner groups. However, 2022 saw a significant decline in both groups reaching the lowest satisfaction levels on record. The pandemic saw a surge in day visitors looking to spend time outside, and as such, park usage saw a significant increase. These trends in usage have continued as Whistler’s visitation starts returning to pre-pandemic levels, the effects of which can be seen in resident satisfaction levels.

Why we monitor this

Whistler’s OCP identifies a vision where natural areas are never far from sight and reach; they are the predominant component of our mountain landscape, core to our mountain culture and the basis of our outstanding recreation offerings. By monitoring residents’ satisfaction with access to parks, we can ensure that access to these spaces are satisfactory and ensure that community life is enriched through access to our natural environment and interaction with the community.

What this measures

Community members satisfaction with access to park space.

Parks: Lakefront Availability

Maintenance of Parks and Trails

Parking Utilization


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